Working hours

We assist with practical legal advice in large and small matters concerning working hours.

The provisions regarding working hours in the Working Environment Act chapter 10 are intended to ensure a satisfactory working environment. Furthermore, the rules are intended to ensure that employees are given the opportunity to have a meaningful leisure time and a normal family life. It is therefore not permitted to practice working hours which expose workers to adverse physical or mental strain. The normal working hours shall normally not exceed nine hours during  24 hours and 40 hours in seven days, but the Working Environment Act lists a number of exceptions to the general rule. All statutory exception rules must be practiced within the scope of the basic requirement of satisfactory work.

Questions regarding working hours range from managing of work schedules, handling applications for reduced working hours, questions regarding shift and rotation schemes, and overtime pay. A common question is the scope and application of the rules regarding “leading position” or “very independent position”, as the employees holding these positions may be excepted from the provisions on working hours and overtime pay. However, the conditions are strict.

The Labour Inspection Authority supervises the provisions on working hours in the Working Environment Act. It also established a special Dispute Resolution Board, which deals with disputes regarding the right to exemption from night work, the right to flexible working hours, the right to reduce working hours and the right to be exempt from overtime.

All of our lawyers have extensive experience in the area of working hours related issues. In addition, Anne-Lise H. Rolland is a permanent member of the Dispute Resolution Board.