Whistleblowing and harassment

Notification concerning censurable conditions must be handled according to an appropriate procedure and in accordance with the undertaking’s routines for notification.

The freedom of expression is protected by Article 100 in the Norwegian Constitution. In some cases it may, however, be difficult to balance the freedom of expression against the employees’ duty of loyalty to the employers’ interests. The Working Environment Act therefore lays down a set of rules that includes a right for an employee to notify concerning censurable conditions at the undertaking, protection against retaliation in connection with a notification and an obligation for the employer to facilitate internal notification.

Harassment or bullying can be part of the daily life faced by employees in the workplace. The Working Environment Act therefore stipulates that no employee shall be subjected to harassment or other improper conduct. In addition, the employer has a duty to intervene and ensure a satisfactory working environment, and the employees have a duty to notify to the employer or the safety representative as soon as employees become aware of harassment or discrimination at the workplace.

We assist businesses with the preparation of written notification procedures and the management of notifications. Other cases concern assistance to employees who feel they are being harassed or retaliated in connection with a notification, or assistance to managers who are exposed to criticism and claims of harassment, retaliation or discrimination.