Cross-border issues

Labor and employment law issues have become as globalized as the world of business and commerce. As a member of L&E Global, SBDL is equipped to assist your company in facing these challenges.

Our lawyers have considerable experience with resolving international labor and employment law matters. In addition, SBDL is a member of L&E Global, the world’s first international integrated legal alliance which specializes in providing counsel on cross-border labor and employment law issues. As a result, our firm has a truly international presence.

Together with the other member firms in L&E Global, we can effectively advise clients regarding coordinated, efficient, strategic approaches to cross-border issues, including, among other things:

  • assessing workplace compliance challenges and risks of operating in multiple jurisdictions;
  • cross border trade unions actions, including corporate union campaigns;
  • challenges deriving from complex co-determination laws (e.g. works council issues in Europe);
  • training a global company’s core legal and human resources team on cross-border employment issues;
  • international implementation of data protection policies and practices;
  • advising on pensions and other employee benefits in global organizations.
  • international assignment of employees (“expats”)
  • employee mobility, work permits and immigration compliance.

Through one point of contact – L&E Global – your business has all the information it needs to manage the workforce affairs efficiently, with trustworthy advice from labor and employment law leaders acting as one firm – across borders – around the globe.