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SBDL is a member of the leading international legal alliance L&E Global.

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Based on our reputation for excellence, in 2012 our firm was selected to be the only Scandinavian member of L&E Global.  As a result, our firm has a truly international presence.

L&E Global is the world’s very first international integrated legal alliance which specializes in providing counsel on cross-border labor and employment law issues. L&E Global is unique because it provides employment law counsel from countries throughout the world into a unified fee-for-all services integrated approach to representation.

L&E Global is highly ranked in Chambers Global 2014 and Financial Times’ report Innovative Lawyers 2013.

Founded in 2010, L&E Global boasts more than 1,250 attorneys and 16 international practices. In addition to SBDL, member firms include Jackson Lewis P.C. (United States), Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti (Canada), Gerlach Rechtsanwälte (Austria), Van Olmen & Wynant (Belgium), Flichy Grangé Avocats (France), Pusch Wahlig Legal (Germany), Natividad Abogados (Mexico), LABLAW – Studio Legale (Italy), Palthe Oberman (Netherlands), Swarbrick Beck Mackinnon (New Zealand), Harmers Workplace Lawyers (Australia), A. Sobczyk & Współpracownicy (Poland), Magda Volonciu and Associates (Romania), Bufete Suárez de Vivero, SL (Spain), and Schmid Heinzen Humbert Lerch (Switzerland). By aligning our forces through L&E Global, these independent boutiques become a single legal powerhouse for businesses working on complex cross-border labor and employment projects throughout the world.

The member firms offer extensive experience in a broad array of sectors and markets, including financial and insurance services, high tech, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and information services, luxury goods, retail, and energy. Together, the alliance operates in key European business centers, every major U.S. city, throughout North America, and in the Asia-Pacific region.  In other jurisdictions, the alliance is able to draw on strong relationships with leading local practices to provide seamless global coverage. L&E Global has established affiliated memberships with employment law departments of the full-service firms Hamilton Advokatbyrå (Sverige) og TozziniFreire Advogados (Brasil). In addition, L&E Global has established reciprocal associated partnerships in other  international business districts (Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South-Korea, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, UK, Ukraine and Vietnam).

As a virtual international employment law firm, L&E Global is uniquely innovative in our approach to:

  • Cross-border project coordination – our seamless integrated approach enables our clients to obtain consistent advice across all countries involved, with one point of contact.
  • Key client management – we offer a key client contact who serves as a portal to access our global network and delivers seamless and effective legal advice across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Cost simplicity – we offer international clients the advantage of having multiple jurisdictions unified into a fee-for-all services approach to representation. For clients, one voice also means one invoice.

L&E Global effectively advises clients regarding coordinated, efficient, strategic approaches to cross-border issues. Through one point of contact – L&E Global – businesses have all the information they need to manage their workforce affairs efficiently, with trustworthy advice from labor and employment law leaders from around the world, for favorable prices.

Together with the rest of the L&E Global network, SBDL has developed L&E Global Knowledge Center. Here you will find employment law resources from around the world. You may also sign up for newsletters from L&E Global. We are confident that the information available on this site will be a valuable guide to any business seeking globalization.

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